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Digital assistants as front desk agents

Everyone knows that having a good relationship with your receptionist is a big plus. But, what if that receptionist is an AI-powered Chatbot? … Read More

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How can AI improve guest experience?

Introduction of AI-powered digital assistants to the hospitality industry which prides itself on providing a “personal touch” may seem counter intuitive. However, the evolution of mobile technology has increased customer expectations of services across the board, and hotels are no different. A digital assistant in the form of a chatbot can assist the staff in providing a high quality level of service guests have become accustomed to, without losing the “personal touch”. … Read More

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Chatbots and Travel

With the surge of technological advancements, the way people travel has changed dramatically. To stay competitive, every business in the tourism and hospitality industry needs to adapt and improve customer experience if they want to attract new customers as well as improve loyalty with existing ones. As proven by other industries, chatbots are a very efficient way to tackle the ever-so growing customer expectations. … Read More

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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot, a buzz-word that has persisted over the last few years.
It has seen its fair share of use, but what are chatbots really? What can they do apart from chatting? How do they learn? And why has everyone been jumping on this bandwagon? … Read More

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Let there be Light

We officially launched a startup that is within BIRD Incubator and Spock mentorship and the goal is to offer an all-in-one hotel management system powered by Artificial Intelligence. … Read More

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